Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management #wwwblogs

In mid Victorian times Mrs Isabella Beeton published an illustrated book to help middle class women manage their household and entertain successfully.  First published in 1861 it was a reprint of the 24 monthly installments printed in her husband's magazine.  It continued to be reprinted after her early death at the age of 28, being edited and updated as appropriate.

In 1923 my grandmother bought the latest edition, but I am not sure how much influence it had on her lifestyle.

This sunny bedroom certainly was an up to date picture, but unfortunately my grandmother had inherited Victorian furniture. Watch out for those "noxious gases" from the waste pipe!

Perhaps my father's nursery looked like this, but I doubt it.

These impressive displays look as though they came from the original edition and I seriously doubt that my grandmother and her daily maid could achieve such a banquet.

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