Great Dunmow

I recently visited Great Dunmow, in search of the church where some of my ancestors worshipped.  After parking in the centre we discovered that the church is on the edge of the small town, some twenty minutes away, but this gave us the opportunity to see the lovely Doctors Pond and some of the beautiful pargeted cottages.


The church is set in a very large graveyard with pleasant walks to the river and rabbits scampering among the graves.

Inside there are some stunning modern stained glass windows.

I was thrilled to find these small monumental brasses half hidden behind an altar near the west tower.  I learnt about them from "The Glasscock Families" by Rev. Laurence Glasco.  I have my distant cousin Barbara in America to thank for sending me copies of pages from his book.  We know they relate to our family as they show the crest of the Glasscock family, many of whom were early emigrants to America.

Although there are many beautiful carved tombstones around the church I was unable to decipher them.

These chubby faced cherubs probably date from the 18th century.

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