Advertisements in colour in 1953

In Britain, some people bought their first television in order to watch the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, but everything they could see on the screen was in black and white. For colour they had to buy magazines and so manufacturers used this medium for brightly illustrated advertisements.

Hercules bicycles suggested you could ride to a Coronation parade. 

With a tube of fruit gums in your pocket.

Or perhaps you might prefer Spangles!

But once home again we could munch a delicious Huntley and Palmer biscuit.

Every kitchen press already contained a tin of Bird's Custard Powder. 

But did all the gentlemen enjoy a drink of Double Diamond?

Meanwhile the lady of the house could luxuriate with a soap with an alluring perfume,

hoping that she had brought the right washing powder to make her children's clothes spotlessly clean.

Do you remember any of these products and their slogans?


  1. I was born in 1954 and most of those products were still being advertised some years later, though perhaps in a different format.