Lynn's Waffles #VictorianPhotos

In my early days on Twitter I came across some wonderful old photographs posted by @LynnsWPics
Soon I also discovered Lynn’s Waffles and made an Internet friend, Lynn Heiden.  Lynn has a vast collection of historic pictures which she shares widely, so today I have asked her to tell us more about them.
Lynn with Skye in front of some of her Victorian albums

What made you decide to start collecting old photographs?

 It was something that just seemed to happen, we enjoy going to car boot sales and I love old stuff that comes under the category ephemera, so interesting.  I bought my first album quite a few years ago, simply because I couldn’t bear to think that it would get damaged or worse still be thrown away and lost forever.

I love the word ephemera as it sounds so fragile, just like the photos you are saving.

Where do you find them and how do you store them?

Mostly at car boot sales, but also antique fairs and markets.  I try & keep the CDV or Cabinet cards in their original Victorian leather albums, if I have bought them together.  Loose CDVs I have mostly in sections in some fabulous wooden ex wine boxes my husband found at a car boot. Other Cabinet cards I have in larger albums. Postcard photos in categories in albums. But I still have many in bags and boxes awaiting scanning, it’s hard to catch up, as I seem to have acquired rather a lot in the last year!

What are your main criteria for buying an album or photographs?

I try to be a bit selective if I can, otherwise I would be totally overwhelmed.  Cost is a big factor, some sellers want top prices and are not prepared to haggle, so we walk away.  For instance, for a Victorian Album with CDV and Cabinet cards, I have a rough price in my head what I want to pay, depending on condition and content and I try to get as close as I can, even though it might seem a very low offer, and always make it clear to the seller that I am a collector and not buying to resell!  The majority are very kind to me, I also give them a card with my Twitter & Blog etc, so they can check me out ! 

How do you find more information about the subject of some of your pictures?

If I have a name or a place or even both written on the photo, that’s a huge bonus, then I can start searching on Ancestry, Find my Past or Family Search for a start to further the photo’s story.  Also googling the name sometimes brings in great info.  Often though I will ask my followers on Twitter and my Facebook page for help, I have had some super info that way.

Who is the most interesting character in your photograph collection?

That’s a real tough question, because I find them all so interesting, and even though they are not famous people, they all have a life story, and had their picture taken to capture a moment in time, that can never be repeated.

Have you managed to reunite descendants with their ancestor’s photo?

The Jewell suitcase family is my biggest success, over one thousand family photos returned to the family..In three parts on my Blog.

I have had other success too with smaller finds, and my latest only last week, was one CDV returned to family, will be in upcoming Blog.

Do you have a particular favourite photograph?

I love all my Old Photos, but favourites if I have to choose, would be the wonderful different Wedding photos I have, from various era’s and so many family members included in the majority.

If you haven’t discovered Lynn’s amazing collection yet, please go to one or all of the following sites:


  1. Oh, wow, amazing photos. I'm off to check out Lynn's blog.

  2. Lovely evocative pics! I was staggered to discover how early photography was happening...and how quickly the detective police started using it as an ID tool.

    1. Thanks Carol, yes they are some wonderful early pics about still too :)

  3. Pictures are really important to us aren't they. I'm so glad Lynn is conserving photos which might be discarded otherwise.

    1. Thanks for lovely Blog Liz, and so lovely sharing my collection with everyone :)