My Ten most popular posts in 2015

A fascinating building filled with sad stories which is well worth visiting.

Nostalgic photos of my grandparents’ farm.

A children’s occupation from the 60s and 70s.

Looking at the south bank of the Thames.

Crime on the Thames in the early 19th century

The discovery of some old letters which brought my ancestors to life.

Living in the Workhouse and emigration to Canada was the fate of these children.

The golden age of postcards show the popularity of the seaside in Edwardian seaside.

A tragic story of a soldier and his love.

An old soldier in the Workhouse


  1. I've been enjoying catching up on posts I hadn't seen before I started following your blog. I especially liked the one on paper dolss - brought back memories. The back page of a comic I had each week had a doll and an outfit to cut out. Can't remember the name of the comic now but I do remember the paper dolls.