Silent Memories

This is appeal on behalf of the creator of this stunning sculpture, Johanna Marshall

Can you Help. I cannot really go into why I need your help but I've been let down due to me not being a famous / known artist. If I was well known it would not be a problem this piece would be out there. 
Hi I am an artist that made this sculpture ' Silent Memories' it took me over a year to produce the piece, I put my heart and soul in this work. I have a First Class BA Honours and a Master in Fineart. I have done several private commissions. Plus a recent sculpture placed in the Red Cross Head office London.
This sculpture was shown at Westminster Abbey, only there for a few hours for the Blind Veterans Uk Centenary I would love this to be a permanent reminder of the suffering of these young lads of WW1. Each holding on the shoulder of the one in front leading the way to an uncertain future. 
The comments from people who saw the piece was amazing most Said it should be made in bronze and put in a prominent place. Some people even cried and said it was so poignant. 

Where do I go from here ? How do I get this sculpture placed in a rightful place. I would be grateful for any constructive advice and help.
Thank you.
This is Johanna's Facebook page:-

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  1. The picture means a lot !