Olhão in the Algarve

When we have visitors staying with us in the Algarve, we like to take them to Olhão a fishing town where you can find ferries to take you across the Ria Formosa to the sandy beaches across the lagoon.  Driving in from the west, you first pass large piles of salt from the salt pans and then turn onto the long, wide esplanade, alongside the marina.  The tree lined walk is reminiscent of walks by the sea in the early 20th century.

During the French occupation of the Algarve by Napoleon’s soldiers, during the Peninsular Wars, a rebellion occurred in Olhaõ on 16 June 1808, resulting in the eventual expulsion of the French from Olhão and later the entire Algarve.

A month later, 17 fishermen set out for Brazil on a caique named Bom Sucesso, hoping to persuade the Portuguese Royal family to return to Portugal.  A replica of this vessel is moored up by the market buildings in Olhão .

Bom Successo

Arriving in Rio de Janeiro


Walking through the narrow streets of Moorish style houses you soon reach the church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, built in 1698, when it was the first stone building in Olhão.


A stork looking out of its nest

 There are many beautiful balconies in Olhão.


And several shabby, fascinating doors.