Looking through..... in the Algarve #MondayBlogs #Photography #Travel

 Looking through the trees in Alte

 Looking through the windows at the Sanctuary of Senora de Piedade near Loule.

Through an ancient archway in Loule.

The church of St Peter and St Paul, West Clandon

This small Surrey church may be next to a busy road but it is best to reach it by walking along a pathway of pollarded trees from the grounds of Clandon Park just as Lord Onslow's family did over many years.


On a sunny day the church is bathed in bright colours as the sun shines through the stained glass.

 The beautifully carved pew of the Onslow family.

 One of the many hand sewn kneelers.

John Bone senior and Elizabeth his wife give to the poor widowers and widows belonging to the Parish of West Clandon 20 Sixpenny loaves on Christmas Day and 20 more the Sunday after Midsummer day and the Money to be Paid out of the House he now lives in that joins to Clandon Park and Lodge that was late at Rydes of Merrow. To be Paid by his Heirs and Assigns for ever. June 24, 1817.
The Dole Shelves

 This 12th century church had a major restoration at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Part of an old wooden panel which may have been on a rood screen show St peter and St Paul either side of St Thomas of Canterbury

The Isle of Man #MondayBlogs #Photographs

When my children were young we visited the Isle of Man regularly so that they could see their grandparents.  We were rarely lucky with the weather but there were always beautiful places to see.

The Calf of Man at the south-east point of the island, a great spot for bird watching.

The Point of Ayre in the far north, the only flat part of the island

Ramsay, a popular place in Edwardian times, on the north-east coast facing the Lake District

Looking towards Milner's Tower from Port Erin, a lovely spot on the south-west coast

The Tower of Refuge 
If you sail into Douglas on a ferry you will see this tiny castle on a rock at the harbour entrance.  In 1830 Sir William Hillary, who started the RNLI, commanded a lifeboat which rescued the crew of the packet boat St George foundering on the rock.  Afterwards Hillary raised money to build the Tower of Refuge on that rock.

Peel at the centre of the west coast facing Northern Ireland

Peel castle and the ruins of St German's Cathedral on St Patrick's Isle
St Patrick's Isle is the site of a ruined Celtic Monastery, Viking burials and a 15th century prison.

The remains of St Peter's church, Peel which was badly burnt in 1958

And this hasn't shown you any of the glens or mountains in the centre of the island.