The Big Buddha at Po Lin Monastery #MondayBlogs

In 1993 while we were staying on Hong Kong island we took a ferry from Central to Lantau island. There we caught a bus to Po Lin Monastery where the construction of the Big Buddha had recently been completed but we were not allowed to climb the long staircase towards it. Twelve years later, with trepidation we entered a gondola on the Ngong Ping cable car for the long journey high in the air above peaks and valleys, across land and sea to reach the distant Buddha.

Po Lin Monastery was founded in 1906. It is renowned for its excellent vegetarian restaurant.

The bronze Tian Tan statue of Buddha is 34 metres high and faces north, blessing China. To reach his feet you must walk up 268 steps.

Despite the crowds outside, there is peace and awe to be found inside the monastery.

Hong Kong - Looking back #MondayBlogs #Photographs #Travel

I first visited Hong Kong as a 16 year old in April 1967. I was living with my family in Singapore & we decided to take a mini-cruise to Hong Kong on the Achille Lauro.  The delicious Italian ice cream on board made up partly for the cockroaches in the cabins, but we really enjoyed our 3 days in Hong Kong moored alongside the Ocean Terminal in Kowloon.  It was the time of Mao Tse Tung’s Little Red Book and there was dissatisfaction with the British authorities.  Later that year there were riots so we found the atmosphere not as friendly as it was in Singapore.

In 1993 my husband was working in Hong Kong for a few months, so I flew out with the children for a short holiday.  This time we found a happier, friendlier place with dramatic changes in architecture and I would love to have stayed longer.

The Star Ferry

In 2005 Peter and I decided to find out how Hong Kong had changed since it had been handed over to the Chinese government. It was quite remarkable how, on the surface, nothing seemed to have changed. It was still a wonderful place to visit, with ultra modern buildings contrasting ancient, intriguing remains from the past.

Light displays in the harbour twice a week.

Brides and grooms were frequently in the parks posing for wedding photos.

In 2012 we returned for another holiday in Hong Kong. This time we were concerned by how much of the harbour has become reclaimed land but we still enjoyed discovering new things to see.

For my photographs of the old walled city park in Kowloon click here

A resident of Hong Kong Park in Central

Next week I will show you Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha on Lantau island.