Elegance for the Coronation in 1953

As an excited nation waited for the Coronation of their young Queen in 1953, fashion houses advertised the perfect outfit for the day.  Sadly they were unaware that it would be a day of almost non-stop rain!


  1. I love these - so elegant. I watched the House of Windsor this evening and saw the coronation.

  2. My Dad was an usher in the stands outside Buckingham Palace so my Mum had a seat there. She took several bad, distant photos!

  3. Oooh aren't these wonderful! I vaguely remember being told we watched it on a neighbour's black & white telly and had drop scones. I was 3 at the time.

  4. It was 2 months before my 3rd birthday & was left with our neighbour watching her TV while Mum and Dad were outside Buckingham Palace.


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